Croquet at Sutherland

Images of Edwardian ladies in long billowing dresses are common perceptions of croquet. Step onto a lawn however and discover that the sedate looking game is tactical and strategic and can be highly competitive and politely aggressive.

Croquet is a game for all comers regardless of age, gender or level of physical fitness. It can be played sociably just for fun or more seriously at inter-club, inter-state or at an international level.

The Sutherland Croquet Club caters for all these interests. Organised social games are played on Saturday and Wednesday mornings and members arrange informal games amongst each other during the week. Once daylight saving arrives twilight games are often played on Friday evenings.

The Club also has a number of more formalised annual events.

For those members who enjoy competing, the wider croquet calendar offers a number of opportunities to play ‘away from home’ at clubs in both metropolitan and country NSW. A few members even go further afield and attend regular interstate fixtures.

Croquet NSW also offers a number of events at its Tempe headquarters and players can aspire to represent NSW or be selected to play for Australia.

Sutherland has members who have participated at all these levels.