CPR Information

Members of Sutherland Shire Croquet Club are now far better equipped to deal with emergencies related to sudden cardiac arrest thanks to two local organisations, ‘Tradies’ for a very generous grant enabling the purchase of a defibrillator and to ‘Response for Life’ for the instruction in its use.

The Tradies clubs are well known throughout the Sutherland Shire for their community involvement which includes their support to Response for Life, a voluntary organisation energetically established by Menai resident Julia Zuza.

Response for Life has a mission to educate the community as to the latest CPR techniques and to promote the widespread availability of defibrillators, vital to saving lives during those crucial minutes before professional help arrives.

Julia addressed Sutherland Croquet Club members over two sessions demonstrating the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator which the club has purchased. A reminder as to the operation of this unit can be found in a series of videos on the very informative Response for Life website.

Thank you Tradies, and thank you Julia we are most appreciative.